Saudi Arabian Jobs (Vacancies)

For Saudi nationals and foreigners looking for greater employment possibilities and professional growth in a variety of areas, Saudi Arabia’s flourishing and diverse economy offers a wide range of job opportunities.

Although this country’s economy is primarily based on oil and gas, its diversification into other industries has reduced its over-reliance on the petrochemical sector and created more job opportunities.

These industries include logistics, retail, consumer goods production, telecommunication, and the IT manufacturing sector. Furthermore, both professional and unskilled workers now have job options because to planned urbanization and infrastructural initiatives.

When comparing wage packages to other Gulf regions, Saudi Arabia’s thriving economy offers competent workers a competitive advantage

. Furthermore, tax-free salary along with other perks like health insurance, lodging, transportation, educational allowances, and more put Saudi Arabia at the top of the list of Middle Eastern countries for professional advancement and employment prospects.

In Saudi Arabia, the health and education industries offer the majority of job opportunities. Due to the deeply ingrained Arabic and Islamic practices and cultures that permeate every aspect of life in the nation, the working environment for foreign nationals may be very different.

In Saudi Arabia, which jobs are in demand?

The choice of job and pay are solely based on the type of work and the range of career options accessible in different industries, such as:

  • Jobs in medicine,
  • management,
  • human resources,
  • sales, architecture, customer service,
  • construction, business analysis,
  • accounting, government,
  • IT, and landscape design

Saudi Arabia’s official language is Arabic, however English is increasingly widely used, particularly in professional settings. But learning Arabic has an added benefit for foreigners living abroad.

The Saudi Arabian government implemented the “Saudization” program in an effort to discourage the entry of undocumented immigrants from the neighboring areas and to increase employment prospects for the native population.

As a result, employing an excessive number of foreign workers in a corporation is subject to tight controls. Nonetheless, because of the strong demand for their professions in the area, highly trained foreign workers are unlikely to be impacted by these limitations.

Saudi Arabia offers employment opportunities in a number of highly skilled fields, including engineering, information technology, education, healthcare, and medicine, banking and financial services, construction, and Foreign nationals who intend to work in the area must apply for a work permit, which is only granted if a job offer has been accepted and the business agrees to sponsor the employee.

In actuality, it is impossible to travel to most cities—including Riyadh and Jeddah—and begin looking for employment right away. Private recruiting firms mostly handle senior level hiring on behalf of Saudi clients. Many foreign nationals employed by the nation’s multinational corporations do so through intercompany transfers.

Workers are often expected to put in eight hours a day and forty-eight hours a week at work. But the working hours are cut down to six hours a day during Ramadan. In addition, workers are entitled to a day off on public holidays and an annual leave that lasts 30 days after the sixth year of employment, as well as 21 days throughout the first five years of employment.

A list of all available jobs in Saudi Arabia is provided below. To assist job seekers in selecting the ideal position, the list contains employment roles, descriptions, locations, and further details.

Architecture Faculty
Architecture Faculty
  • Dar Al Hekma University (Jeddah)
  • Fashion Design Faculty
  • Dar Al Hekma University (Jeddah)
  • Assistant Professor in Marketing
  • University of Business and Technology (Jeddah)
  • Loss Prevention Officer (Security Officer)
  • The Ritz-Carlton Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)
  • Driver cum Purchaser
  • Aflak Electronic Industries Company Ltd (Jeddah)
  • Driver Shift Leader
  • Courtyard by Marriott (Riyadh)
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • ARO Drilling (Al Khobar)
  • Driver
  • Sherwin-William (Riyadh)
  • IS Security Officer
  • Jobskey Executive Search (Riyadh)
  • IS Security Control Administrator
  • Banque Saudi Fransi (Riyadh)
  • Infrastructure Security – Analyst / Senior Analyst
  • Accenture (Riyadh)
  • Infrastructure Security – Lead
  • Accenture (Riyadh)
  • Regional Security Supervisor
  • BinDawood Group (Jeddah) Apply

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